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EMK Teoloogiline Seminar


Project Directing
Interview Shooting
B-Roll Video Shooting
Scene Lighting
Planning / Shot-List creation

Creating an Engaging Interview and Capturing Compelling Footages for a Video for Bolt highlighting their active involvement in an Internship Program.

Baltic Methodist Seminary had a clear mission: attract and engage potential millennial students through captivating and meaningful content. They required not just any content, but video content that resonates with the younger generation’s ethos and aspirations, especially those interested in theology. Collaborating closely with their advertisement and SMM team, Kofuku Video Production was brought on board as a reliable partner to craft impactful videos for both social media (Instagram reels, youtube shorts) and other platforms.

Our role extended beyond mere video production. We delved deep, understanding the seminary’s ethos and the essence of their message to ensure it resonated with millennials. Our comprehensive services included:

  • Directing the project to ensure that the end result is both visually appealing and narratively compelling.
  • Shooting interviews that provide depth and insight into the life at Baltic Methodist Seminary.
  • Capturing B-Roll videos that add richness and texture to the narrative.
  • Setting up scenes with optimal lighting to ensure each frame conveys the desired emotion and message.
  • Carefully planning and creating shot lists to ensure a seamless production process.
  • Editing the content to craft a coherent and engaging story.
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