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Leadership Internship at Bolt

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Bolt Technology OÜ


Interview Shooting
B-Roll Video Shooting
Scene Lighting

Creating an Engaging Interview and Capturing Compelling Footages for a Video for Bolt highlighting their active involvement in an Internship Program.

At Kofuku Video Production, we were entrusted with the vital task of capturing immersive footages for Bolt’s Internship Program within a time frame of 5 hours. The main objective was to not only adhere to the provided shotlist but also to go beyond and capture additional material that could enhance the final video.

Our approach was holistic. While our primary responsibility was filming, we played an integral role in:

  • Assisting in the creation of the shotlist, ensuring all essential elements were covered.
  • Setting up optimal lighting to enhance the quality of the footages.
  • Directing the scenes to capture the genuine essence of the internship program.


Every project presents its set of challenges, and this was no exception:

Initially, the allocated time was a mere 3 hours. Given the scale and intricacy of the project, we recognized that it was insufficient.

Drawing from our vast experience, we engaged in a detailed discussion with our clients, elucidating the intricacies of each step and the time they’d likely consume.

Fortuitously, we successfully negotiated an extension to 6 hours. As evident from the resultant video, the extra time was invaluable, ensuring that no crucial moment was missed and the essence of the internship program was captured in its entirety.

Tools and Technologies

Incorporating state-of-the-art tools is crucial to achieve the desired output. For this project, we employed:

  • We used Notion app to create the shotlist and manage it during the shootday
  • 2 units of Lumix GH7
  • Godox QR-P120T softbox to ensure uniform lighting and eliminate harsh shadows.
  • 2 units of Geekoto Softbox  to further enhance the lighting, ensuring the footages were vibrant.
  • Rode Wireless GO II microphones for clear and uninterrupted audio capture.

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