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As a media production company WE MAKE




TO PROMOTE your product or business.

1. Research

We research to understand the vision, audience, product, goals. We collaborate, examine, ask and then conclude.

2. Design

Working passionately with you, our specialists create aesthetically pleasing creative experience

3. Development

From the beginning, we have performance in mind. Always insisting on best practices and keeping up with last trends.


Oleksandr (aka Oleks)

Oleksandr Horodylovskyi is an experienced professional with a BA in journalism and over 7 years of expertise on Upwork, a renowned freelancing platform. He has collaborated with over 50 international companies through his work on Upwork.

Responsible for filming, editing, and communication with the client throughout the whole process.



Humble and handsome creative artist😚 with a slightly chaotic mindset🥸. Because of an unapologetic approach, you never know what he’s up to… yet the results talk of themselves. A flawless masterpiece 💯% of the time!!!🤭☃️🍄🤙💫

“To solve a problem you first have to create one…I’m good at that!”


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